Saturday, January 29, 2011

Vintage wear, here and there on todays celebrities!


Amy Winehouse , Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani. These are just a few celebrities, who have, basically decided to become trend setters with styles that were used not too long ago.
For example, Katy Perry channels back to the 1930’s era wearing plenty of wiggle dresses and peep hole pumps as well as bright pastel colors and A LOT of pin-up bathing suits. I don’t have anything against her wearing those sets, because she can def. pull them off. I do have a problem though…when she wears them to awards shows or concerts. And I don't know who let Minnie Mouse out of her Disney cave in that last image but someone needs to send her back. It’s like Katy only wears dresses and such in photo-shoots, but she forgets to wear them to important events. Someone needs to remind her. Someone like Amy Winehouse.

Yeah, she is old school,  (I haven’t really heard much about her actually) but Amy is a true vintage style icon, from her 1950’s ‘beehive’ to her …um…drug addiction. She really does know how to keep true to the Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll era. But aside from her problems, lets look at the good side of Amy Winehouse. She can SING and dresses like she doesn’t even belong in the 2000’s, which is always a good and fun thing. Although there are times when it looks like she needs serious help in getting the rest of herself up to date. 

I found these images of Amy and thought outfit number 2 and 4 would be good enough for us to wear and not be embarrassed to be seen in. I also had a hard time trying not to block out her face on outfit number one, but you do have to have proof that it is indeed Amy Winehouse.

Let’s talk about Mrs. Stefani. She definitely knows how to dress young and she is very versatile especially because of the music style she has. When she was with No Doubt, Gwens’ style was a bit ‘out there’ as shown in the first photo example.  I can’t help but think that Gwen got tired of using drugs and handed them over to Ms. Winehouse instead. It’s like a case of handy me downs…I wonder who will get the worst dressed pills next. Anyways, back to Gwen.  You can tell she matured in her fashion sense and decided to take her career a lot more seriously by adopting a whole bunch of Asian little girls and calling them Harajuku  as well as creating her OWN clothing line called L.A.M.B. So basically…I’m thinking this whole idea of changing her style came because she wanted to become more of a trendsetter and business women. Thumbs up to her. 

To wrap this up and actually come to a conclusion on modern day vintage ladies, I think they are doing a decent job. Sometimes it just feels too forced for me. I do however admire when they put certain accessories and blouses or skirts together…not full on ‘costumes’ of certain eras. I know it seems like a pretty blunt way of ending this blog, but really, there is nothing else to say about them except they are slowly but surely bringing back real fashion; Sexy and sophisticated fashion without going over the top. At least when Amy is sober and Katy is only doing non- bathing suit photoshoots or trying to attract attention with something other than her fashion aka boobies. Gwen Stefani is leading the way with good, vintage fashion sense.

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