Thursday, June 12, 2014

It's Retro Kitten Apparel's Birthday! RKA Is Turning 6 Years Old!

Retro Kitten Apparel is excited to celebrate our 6th Birthday with all of you Pin-up Girl's and enthusiasts, Retro, Rockabilly, Punk, Vintage Loving, Mod, Skin, and Alternative girl and boy out there, and every single sub-genre to surface the scene! I am Lindsay Dominguez, the owner of Retro Kitten Apparel. RKA is the very first "Online Alternative Second Hand Store", and it was 6 years ago today when I was sitting in front of my computer looking at my little girl, only 7 months after we lost her father and my husband in a car accident, thinking about how bad I wanted/needed to stay home with her through those tough times when an ad crossed my computer screen advertising owning a small business on Yahoo!. I sat there fondly remembering the very first time I walked into Valentino's, a brick and mortar store in the Tower District of Fresno, California, and how amazed and excited I was that a store that sold Punk Rock clothing actually existed in the city I lived in. Valentino's was split into two sections with one side full of Alternative Punk clothing, shoes, and accessories by big name brands like Na Na's, T.U.K., and Lip Service and the other side full of Vintage merchandise. At that time, the 50's era revival hadn't happened and I wasn't much interested in the vintage side of the store, however, I was very happy to be able to buy my very first pair of black suede Na Na ankle boots with 6 leopard buckle straps on the spot. At $75 for a pair of Punk Rock shoes I was only able to purchase anything on my birthday or Christmas, but that didn't stop me from browsing through the store every chance I got. The rest of the time I went back to the never ending sorting through rack after rack at every thrift shop in the city only to find very few cool items to create my own Punk clothes. I was 12 years old then, but I knew that someday I wanted to own my very own Punk Rock/Vintage store! So there I sat staring at this ad suggesting that I could own my own business for a small fee and it came to me - an online, second-hand alternative store! So many years had passed and I now had access to every genre and sub-genre style of clothing there was, and I could actually start an exclusive Pin-up/Vintage style, Punk, and Rockabilly Alternative Thrift store so nobody ever had to weed through all the other fashions to find something to satisfy their taste, and I could sell these clothes, shoes, and accessories to everyone across the world at affordable prices. No one had to wait for their birthday to roll around anymore! Everyone could afford a pair of $150 Dr. Martens, or a $100 Lucky 13 dress now because I would buy it gently used, in excellent condition and sell it for up to 75% off the retail price! By midnight, Retro Kitten Apparel (then it was called Gypsies Do It Better) was born! I spent the next year rearing my baby and molding this store into exactly what I wanted, and now, 6 years later, we are still here and thriving! I've had the pleasure of meeting lots of very enthusiastic customers, high ranking on all major search engines, and Retro Kitten Apparel was recently voted "The #1 Thrift Shop in Arroyo Grande, Ca", and we received a trophy! Although RKA is an online store we are currently based on the Central Coast of California in the Five Cities, which includes Arroyo Grande. I was just coming off of a 6 month hiatus, although the store was up and running, I was out and playing, when I received the recognition and the award, and what perfect timing, because we were about to turn 6 years old! So, I want to thank all of you for supporting Retro Kitten Apparel, and, in return, reward you with a celebratory Award/Birthday sale! So come on over to our web store: and check out our home page for details! Thanks again everyone, and have a rock & roll day!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Retro Kitten Apparel ranks at #2 on Yahoo & Google!

I just typed in several keywords and found Retro Kitten Apparel on the very 1st page on Yahoo & Google, and RKA even made it to #2 on the 1st page for cheap pinup clothing, and I did it all by myself! Of course, Yahoo!, my company's platform, deserves a huge hand for being the absolute best! Then there is, the company I chose to help me design the layout and logo of Retro Kitten Apparel in an organic search-engine friendly fashion on the world wide web! Other than that though, I've been the glue that hold Retro Kitten Apparel together daily. I want to give one more very special applaud YOU! You guys and gals are #1, and without you, I'd cease to exist as the #1 Retro, Rockabilly, Pinup, & Punk Second Hand Store Online! Woo Whoo! Thanks you guys for shopping at RKA, and sticking around since I was just a chance, a dream in the making. I've gotten to know quite a few of you over the past 3 years and I love you guys! Everyone has been super cool, and understanding even during rough patches, and I couldn't ask for a better group or culture of people to surround myself with 24/7! This is definitely a "Custom Culture Lifestyle" as a whole, and cannot be narrowed down to one thing in particular and being a part of this creative niche is my personal dream come true! Thank you everyone, and You All Come Back Now Ya Hear?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Where to buy cheap Pinup Clothing

Find the cheapest, high-quality, new and used Pinup, Rockabilly, & Psychobilly clothing online at the #1 Online Retro Pinup Rockabilly Second Hand Store: Retro Kitten Apparel!

Calling all “Pin-up Girls” and “Custom Culture Lifestyle” Enthusiasts! If you absolutely adore Pin-up, Rockabilly, or Psychobilly clothing, and you are looking for the best place to buy cheap, yet authentic, Pin-up and Rockabilly clothes then you really have to check out Retro Kitten Apparel the #1 online Second-Hand store for Retro, Rockabilly, Pin-up, Punk, and Mod clothing! Retro Kitten Apparel is the coolest, most unique online thrift shop where you can buy an entire Pin-up, Rockabilly, or Punk outfit for less than $100, and that includes all the accessories necessary to complete your “Custom Couture” ensemble such as a Vintage black patent leather purse, or gold clutch, a pair of Pin-up 1940's peep-toe stilettos, creepers shoes, or Dr. Martens boots, and some fishnet stockings, a long Vintage faux leopard fur pea coat, a black leather jacket, or a Pendleton, maybe a studded belt, or Punk Rock patch, and don't forget that “Classic Old Hollywood” pearl necklace and matching pearl and diamond earrings! Retro Kitten Apparel has everything you need to put together the perfect Custom Couture outfit for any occasion, and all the greatest Pin-up, Rockabilly, and Punk name brand clothes as well as Retro, Vintage 1940's and 50's apparel at super low prices!

Retro Kitten Apparel is also the easiest online thrift shop to browse through with everything clearly listed in its own category like Wiggle & Swing, Day & Prom/Formal Dresses, Vintage, Punk & Rockabilly Shoes & Heels, Faux Fur Jackets, Pea Coats, Pendletons, Cardigans, & Leather Jackets, etc. or sub-categories like: Separates: where they list Skirts, Tops, and Pants, or Accessories: where they list Purses, Jewelry, Hair Clips, and Belts, etc., and you can either look at everything in that category right there, or you can click on your specific size listed at the top of each page to save you valuable time! There is also a huge Pin-up Lingerie section with some of the finest Pin-up Lingerie & Classic Vintage Undergarments available, which is perfect for that super important photo-shoot, or maybe you are putting a portfolio together, or just because you wouldn't be caught dead without your Lycra. There is even a Clearance section! That's right...they send merchandise to a clearance section after it's been up for awhile to make room for all the new merchandise going up everyday!

Retro Kitten Apparel is your one-stop Pin-up, Rockabilly Second-Hand Shop!

“Retro Kitten Apparel is the #1 online 2nd Hand Thrift Store where you can buy High-End, One-Of-A-Kind Garments all Hand-Picked for Quality and Style! We pride ourselves in the largest online selection of Alternative “Custom Culture Lifestyle” Apparel from the past and present.”

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

If I lived in So-Cal I would...


Everything down in Southern California has a different vibe than where I currently live. (Nor-Cal). It's a fast, paced environment when it comes to anything and I mean ANYTHING. Parties are going on every single night, kids are always up to date with the latest technology and clothing stores are always competitive with each other; they're always changing and having sales like no other, getting rid of inventory that is no longer in 'style'. Little do people know, that what is, supposedly out of style, will always come back with a vengeance.

Thrift Stores know exactly how to do it. The ones in busier cities that is, because up here, it's very difficult to find specific items that are the latest, for example on my last trip to the thrift store I was searching for a fitted pencil skirt. Do you know how hard it is to look for dresses that fit someone like me? (96lbs and 5ft1) Everything fits me huge. Every skirt that came across was too big for me and that is because the items here are scarce and people are smart because they know that they will never ever be able to find a good skirt, so they don't send them to the SALVATION ARMY or the GOODWILL, to where people like me, will be needing one and looking high and low for one. 

In So-Cal, you will probably find a whole aisle dedicated to pencil skirts, because trends come and go and its not that hard to find items in a city where there are at least 10 thrift or bargain stores. 

People should be grateful to be surrounded by stores like these; they always come in handy.

And of course, RETRO KITTEN APPAREL is one of them. Although RKA is not an 'official' location, it is in the city, and it's easier for people who live around it, to shop online and receive their items quicker and for cheaper shipping.


spring break is right around the corner! Get your dresses, girls!

(Wear this one with cute, peep toe pumps! It's super classy.)




Saturday, January 29, 2011

Vintage wear, here and there on todays celebrities!


Amy Winehouse , Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani. These are just a few celebrities, who have, basically decided to become trend setters with styles that were used not too long ago.
For example, Katy Perry channels back to the 1930’s era wearing plenty of wiggle dresses and peep hole pumps as well as bright pastel colors and A LOT of pin-up bathing suits. I don’t have anything against her wearing those sets, because she can def. pull them off. I do have a problem though…when she wears them to awards shows or concerts. And I don't know who let Minnie Mouse out of her Disney cave in that last image but someone needs to send her back. It’s like Katy only wears dresses and such in photo-shoots, but she forgets to wear them to important events. Someone needs to remind her. Someone like Amy Winehouse.

Yeah, she is old school,  (I haven’t really heard much about her actually) but Amy is a true vintage style icon, from her 1950’s ‘beehive’ to her …um…drug addiction. She really does know how to keep true to the Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll era. But aside from her problems, lets look at the good side of Amy Winehouse. She can SING and dresses like she doesn’t even belong in the 2000’s, which is always a good and fun thing. Although there are times when it looks like she needs serious help in getting the rest of herself up to date. 

I found these images of Amy and thought outfit number 2 and 4 would be good enough for us to wear and not be embarrassed to be seen in. I also had a hard time trying not to block out her face on outfit number one, but you do have to have proof that it is indeed Amy Winehouse.

Let’s talk about Mrs. Stefani. She definitely knows how to dress young and she is very versatile especially because of the music style she has. When she was with No Doubt, Gwens’ style was a bit ‘out there’ as shown in the first photo example.  I can’t help but think that Gwen got tired of using drugs and handed them over to Ms. Winehouse instead. It’s like a case of handy me downs…I wonder who will get the worst dressed pills next. Anyways, back to Gwen.  You can tell she matured in her fashion sense and decided to take her career a lot more seriously by adopting a whole bunch of Asian little girls and calling them Harajuku  as well as creating her OWN clothing line called L.A.M.B. So basically…I’m thinking this whole idea of changing her style came because she wanted to become more of a trendsetter and business women. Thumbs up to her. 

To wrap this up and actually come to a conclusion on modern day vintage ladies, I think they are doing a decent job. Sometimes it just feels too forced for me. I do however admire when they put certain accessories and blouses or skirts together…not full on ‘costumes’ of certain eras. I know it seems like a pretty blunt way of ending this blog, but really, there is nothing else to say about them except they are slowly but surely bringing back real fashion; Sexy and sophisticated fashion without going over the top. At least when Amy is sober and Katy is only doing non- bathing suit photoshoots or trying to attract attention with something other than her fashion aka boobies. Gwen Stefani is leading the way with good, vintage fashion sense.